Weekend in Kolding Away From Home

If you read my previous post or saw my Instagram stories, then you know that Axel and I spent a weekend in Kolding. Just a few weeks ago, I was telling him how much I miss being away from home even if it was only for a day. We have been traveling to different places ever since we met. But, after the wedding, we had to put some things on hold due to financial issues. It turned out that weddings can be economically draining, but I can’t complain, we had a memorable day. I promise to share more on a future post.

The fall air was crispy and perfect for an evening walk in Kolding. We enjoyed the natural environment and insanely beautiful views. If you love historic buildings as I do, the city also boasts a few of them with old walking pavements. As the sun went down, it got cold, and we decided to go for dinner at a nearby restaurant where we had some tapas before going back to the hotel.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Thank you for reading, and wish you a Happy Monday!


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