Happy Friday and Merry Christmas Everyone! It’s no doubt that this is the most special time of the year. I like the festive mood and spirit around the city. The lighting that lights the city up when it gets dark, and the music that plays in almost every corner, making it so cozy. And, everyone including me seems to be in a full Christmas mode. Going crazy in the malls searching for that perfect gift for their loved ones. Speaking of gifts, have you bought and wrapped all the presents?

Despite the effort of preparing for the much awaited day, which is finally here, I have to admit that we all go through some emotions. It can be the sensation and excitement waiting to see our families again, the massive list of gifts that we have to buy, and so many other things. I, myself, tend to go through different phases of emotions.Although I miss my family so much, I am honestly lucky to spend Christmas with Axel and his family. Last year, I had so much pressure trying to find a balance between writing project, studying for an exam, work and making sure that I have everything we needed. I feel organised this year. All the presents are wrapped, and I already made a list to Santa. Hopefully, he will be good to me. 😃

If you are going through stress, just keep in mind that: Christmas comes only once in a year. Put all worries behind you, take a deep breath, think of the unique and happy moments you will spend with your family members. Cherish the little things. It’s all that matters.

To those who are travelling for the holidays, I wish you a safe journey.

I hope you get to have the best Christmas with the people you love most, sharing love, happiness, and laughter with each other. Be the light to everyone around you including a stranger. 

Sending you all my love.❤

Merry Christmas from Axel and me to you and your family! 🎄🎁

Merry Christmas - Twenty7bymichelle

 Top: Shein

Jacket: Ginatricot

Jeans: Veromoda

Ankle Boots : Bianco

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Now that Autumn is officially here, and the weather is cooling down but not cold enough to grab my winter jackets yet, I am planning to wear this pink bomber jacket, during this season which adds a fresh, cool chic attitude to an outfit. I was skeptical when I recently noticed this trend, on the street style and bloggers like Chiara Ferragni who wears her bomber jackets so effortlessly. It turned out that it’s so fun and easy to pair it with most outfits. It’s also a perfect piece for transitioning from the summer to fall season.
Bomber jackets come in different materials, designs, and colors, but my favorite is the thin, lightweight with a shiny kind of silk finish on it like the one I’m wearing in this post. It’s comfy, light and it’s also appropriate for the warmer days too. I’ve worn this pink bomber jacket several times and so far, I love throwing it over a white tee or top paired with skinny jeans like these black high waisted ripped denim. Sneakers give such an outfit the perfect sporty vibe, but I chose to pair with heels for a more edgy look that I was craving.

Thank you so much for reading, and wishing you a super great week ahead!

Talk soon!

Love and Love

Photography by me, Michelle

Pink Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket: SheIn

Top: Veromoda

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Zara

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Hi everyone! A very quick hello today and hope you all having a great Wednesday. Summer is here and I’m currently loving anything that has a  loose fitting. This chambray dress is one of my recent buys from a few months ago. I’ve worn it repeatedly ever since I got it home. Aside from it being loose, it’s so easy to throw it on add a pair of oxford shoes like I did and you ready to go. The hat you see me wearing on this post was bought when I went to an Asian market that recently took place in the middle of town.

Thank you so much for reading and talk to you soon.

Chambray Dress: Veromoda
Shoes: Hinson via Venini

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Things I am Learning
I spend a few days last in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was for sure a great treat. It felt good to be far away from books and worrying less about anything. I truly admire this city and I’m always so excited whenever I travel to Gothenburg. I hanged out in my favorite places despite the rainy weather and did some shopping before taking the ferry back to Denmark. 
Have you ever felt like you not good enough in the things you do? You know this feeling, right? I recently had a meltdown all because I thought I was not good enough. It’s crazy how hard we can be on ourselves and how we tend to think that other people are doing great/ better than we are. But truth is, they aren’t. 
On this post I’m sharing with you a few things that I’m learning.
  1. Believe in yourself: I realized how easy it can be to feel totally defeated no matter how much one keeps on trying.  When I started art class last year, I couldn’t draw. I would spend hours on my art assignments but still get frustrated because drawing seemed to be a disaster and everything I did was not good enough. After several attempts, my drawing is now improving and this happens after I started believing in myself. I am not perfect, but I am in a better place and at ease with myself.
  2. Looking at every challenge as a stepping stone: Sometime the pressure and pain we encounter through the most challenging experiences in life can be unbearable. But I believe that (although it can be difficult a times) in every bad situations there’s a possibility of something positive.   
  3.  Dreaming and not stopping there: Everything starts with a simple dream, right? I’ve experienced that tireless dreaming is not constructive at all. We dream often but sometimes we just stop there and that a serious problem. I’m learning to generate enough energy and push myself to pursue my dreams. Having some positive attitude along  is a necessary tool because negative thoughts can cause a lot of tension and mostly likely to give up or maybe never make that first move close to making your dreams come true Dreaming itself will lead me nowhere.  
  4. Confidence is more worth than gold: Let’s skip to four years back when I had completely lost myself (in a bad marriage) and had zero confidence. I totally felt thrown down to the deep end. I realized that I either had to swim myself back to where I was or I would sink to the deepest. Fast forward to today, I’m slowly growing to be a more confident person than I’ve been in the past years and learning a lot about myself. 
  5.   Forgive those who hurt you:  Have you ever been hurt by another person at some point that all you feel is anger and more anger inside you? I have been in this situation before and my heart was broken into a million pieces. The pain lingered for years and took so long to heal. I’ve now put back those million pieces together and been brave enough to set myself free by forgiving and moving on.

Are you by any chances learning something new? Please share with me.
As always, Thank you so much for reading and talk to you soon again

Sweater: Old(similar here)
Skinnies: Veromoda
Shoes: Zara 

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