As some of you who follow me on Instagram, you already know that we went for a week-long road trippin in Jutland, Denmark. I was super excited for this trip mostly because I wanted to see more of this country. My first-time road tripping was back in 2014 when Axel used to work in a small town in Sweden. We would drive for hours on the highway, and the funny thing is, I would fall asleep now and then. Who else falls asleep when travelling?😀

It was after this trip that I fell in love with packing my bags, jump in the car and let the road take me somewhere far away. There is so much to see, and the one thing I like most is discovering something new. Usually, when we are on the road, we like to play some country music. This time though, we did not play as much music as we normally do neither did I fall asleep. I wanted to allow myself to be more aware of all the surroundings. To be able to create deep memories of all the places we saw and visited.

We started our trip on the west coast and drove all the way to the German border. The landscape in this part of Denmark consists of dunes, unlike the North which is flat. Along the way, we visited different cities that are rich in history. Axel loved Rudbøl, a small village situated in the Southern part Jutland close one of the Danish and Germany borders. Nature here was insanely beautiful. One of the locals told us that Rudbøl is very famous of the Black Sun. Meaning that the sun gets covered by many birds that are moving from one place to another during September. Would love to go back someday and experience the Black Sun myself.

My favourite stop was at Silkeborg. I have visited this city before on a short visit. Although we did not get to see the whole town, I believe that Silkeborg is full of great outdoor events. We had lunch and later hired a canoe. It was my first-time experience and in my opinion, a good exercise for the arms.😀 We rounded our trip at a Rose Park where we enjoyed a walk and the smell of roses.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and looking forward to talking to you super soon.

Thank you for reading this post❤️.

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Happy Wednesday Everyone! Last time I visited Gothenburg, Sweden was back in Easter with Axel for a  weekend. This time, I was super excited and glad to be back again for a one day trip with Stena Line and Stena Danica. If you read my blog religiously, then you know that Gothenburg has become a favorite city.  I can’t get enough of its beauty and charm in every corner.

I love Swedish people as I find them very friendly, the architecture of the buildings and some of the old neighborhoods. It’s super easy to get around with buses and trams, but, I do like to walk a lot. This way, I get to experience and have a connection with the city and its surroundings. I travelled with my friend, Helena and although we did not get to see everything, I was happy to show her some of the places that I like to re-visit. It was a great experience to have her with me.

The purpose of this trip was to discover the new outlet shop that was launched in one of the Stena Line ferries; Stena Danica. It offers a broad range of clothing, for men, women and small kids too. The best part of onboard shopping at Stena Danica is that you will find some of the famous brands. If you are afraid of using all your money on shopping at the outlet, worry not.  The prices are super good and affordable compared to the street prices, which are usually exceedingly high. In my experience, the people working there are super sweet. They are also helpful if you have any questions and have a great customer service. This makes the shopping experience even more fun.

My trips to Gothenburg will not feel long and boring anymore. Normally, I like to sit at one of the corners and end up taking a nap. Now, I can do some shopping even before I land in the city. If I need to grab something for my stomach, I can try their restaurant which has an excellent buffet. Their cafĂŠ is a nice place for a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Aahhh so much to experience in Stena Danica!


Thank you so much, Stena Line and Stena Danica for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Talk to you super soon..xx

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Hello, Everyone! When Axel mentioned to me a while back that he had earned enough points to get free tickets for ferry and hotel in Gothenburg, I jumped with excitement. I knew I wanted to book an Easter escape trip to this city. Traveling is slowly becoming a passion. I love the fact that it makes me feel free. It teaches me how beautiful people from different cultures are, as it also fills my souls with new knowledge. The best part is traveling with my fiancĂŠ and making unforgettable memories that I would love to share with our future kids.

Gothenburg will always be a favorite destination and city on my list. We wanted to explore a new place other than our usual spots. In less that 30mins by tram from the Spar Hotel, we arrived at Salthomen, where we took a ferry to StyrsĂś one of the islands of Archipelago. I was amazed at how charming and peaceful the island is not to mention the small houses that I saw. There are no cars on the island which make it a perfect place for long walks and biking.

After hours of walking around on the island, we caught the ferry to Satlhomen and a tram back to the city again. We decided to watch “Logan” the movie and ended the day with a late dinner at Vapiano. A fancy restaurant where you order everything direct from the chefs. You witness every detail on how they prepare your food while you are standing in front of them. It’s such an extraordinary experience, and I love how fresh and delicious their pasta dishes are.

We spend the last day taking small walks in the park, window shopping in Mango and Zara where I bought this tote bag and fell in love with this pair of yellow mules. We also took a few pictures in town before catching the ferry back to Denmark. The Easter went by so fast, but I can’t complain. The holidays came at a perfect timing. I had a great time, and I’m glad I feel relaxed and full of energy again.


Thank you so much for reading and see you soon in a new post.

Pictures Shot by both, Axel and I

Easter - Twenty7bymichelle

Sweater: Zara

Jeans: H&M

Bag: Zalando

Shoes: Fred Perry

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It is a week since we came back home from ski vacation Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria. It’s funny to say that I keep on dreaming about skiing and feel like I am sliding those mountains slopes. Axel’s Dad and his wife, Fie planned this trip. It was one of the easiest trips we have had so far. We did not worry about booking flights or where to stay.

After almost two and half hours of flight delay at the Billund Airport here in Denmark, we arrived safely at Pinzgauerhof hotel. It was already dark outside, so we did not get to see much during the one-hour bus drive we had from Salzburg Airport to the mountains until the following morning. The staff at the hotel were very welcoming, and I loved the fact that we could have both breakfast and dinner. They did a fantastic job presenting their dinner meal which always consisted of three courses.

I was in awe when I woke up the next morning. What I noticed when I looked out through the window were the mountains that surrounded us. The view was breathtaking as everything was covered in snow. My heart was full of joy, and I was overwhelmed and teary. A new experience was waiting.

Right after our first breakfast, Axel and I decided to go and ski. It was my first time, so I could barely balance my upper body. I registered to a ski school which took four days. My ski teachers were very patient and always keen to give advice whenever his other students or I did something wrong. And even though, I was so scared to ski from the top of the mountains, he made sure that we took small breaks whenever we needed them. And in the extreme snow storm, he would stop and wipe our glasses. Or, if any of us fell, he would come back and fix our ski shoes. All these small things that he did made us feel safe and in the right hands.

The weather in the mountains was unpredictable during the one week we stayed there. It would densely snow in the morning, and the next moment, it would be raining or sunny. During the week, we experienced both rain and snow days. We only had two beautiful sunny days. It was hot and important to use sunscreen else I would have gotten sunburns like Axel did. Regardless of the changing weather, I had a great time.

Normally, when I travel, I get so curious to know the city. I can walk for more than 10km a day exploring the hidden corners as well as finding places to eat like a local. This time, I honestly didn’t get time. I skied from morning to evening with small breaks somewhere in the mountains. During the after-ski, I would sit with my ski mates and talk about our experience. I guess skiing is the only way to explore the different places in the hills.

This ski vacation Saalbach Hinterglemm was one of the most dreamlike trips I have experienced in my life. I loved skiing. A huge Thank you to Axel’s dad and his wife, Fie who surprised us and organized everything.

And as always, Thank you so much for reading. I hope you having a great Monday

See you on my next post super soon.


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