Happy Friday and Merry Christmas Everyone! It’s no doubt that this is the most special time of the year. I like the festive mood and spirit around the city. The lighting that lights the city up when it gets dark, and the music that plays in almost every corner, making it so cozy. And, everyone including me seems to be in a full Christmas mode. Going crazy in the malls searching for that perfect gift for their loved ones. Speaking of gifts, have you bought and wrapped all the presents?

Despite the effort of preparing for the much awaited day, which is finally here, I have to admit that we all go through some emotions. It can be the sensation and excitement waiting to see our families again, the massive list of gifts that we have to buy, and so many other things. I, myself, tend to go through different phases of emotions.Although I miss my family so much, I am honestly lucky to spend Christmas with Axel and his family. Last year, I had so much pressure trying to find a balance between writing project, studying for an exam, work and making sure that I have everything we needed. I feel organised this year. All the presents are wrapped, and I already made a list to Santa. Hopefully, he will be good to me. 😃

If you are going through stress, just keep in mind that: Christmas comes only once in a year. Put all worries behind you, take a deep breath, think of the unique and happy moments you will spend with your family members. Cherish the little things. It’s all that matters.

To those who are travelling for the holidays, I wish you a safe journey.

I hope you get to have the best Christmas with the people you love most, sharing love, happiness, and laughter with each other. Be the light to everyone around you including a stranger. 

Sending you all my love.❤

Merry Christmas from Axel and me to you and your family! 🎄🎁

Merry Christmas - Twenty7bymichelle

 Top: Shein

Jacket: Ginatricot

Jeans: Veromoda

Ankle Boots : Bianco

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Happy Monday Everyone!! I am so ready and pumped for a brand new week. I hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend. On today’s post, I’m sharing four great things which make me excited at the moment.

I got sick in the middle of the week and my body completely gave up on me. I cancelled all my meetings and my group babes whom I am writing a semester project were too sweet and understandable. Widespread body aches and high fever that drove me crazy. I’m not the kind of person who likes to take medicine whenever I get sick, so I decided to stay home to give myself time to recover. Taking lot’s of hot fluids really helped clear and thin out the mucus that was blocking my nose. My ears are still blocked but I feel much better.

I decided to treat myself over the weekend. I invited Axel’s mom for brunch which consisted of  raspberry smoothie,  small pancakes which I wrapped around strawberries, and they tasted so good. I also made slices of cucumbers, placed a piece of cheese and salmon on top. Dates( without seeds)  filled with cheese wrapped around with parma ham was a recipe that I never tried before but turned out to be surprisingly good. You may want to check the date recipe I used  from Passion For Fashion.

Okay, guys, I am over the moon because of an upcoming trip by the end of this week to Rome. I never been to Italy before and I’m really looking forward to exploring the country.  I always find it difficult to travel light so this time, Axel and I made a list of the things that we need. I’m also planning to pack my outfits depending on the weather.  Don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat @mutave and Instagram for more updates on this trip.

As I was walking home the other day from town, I saw a big poster with 50% sale pointing towards a thrift shop that’s close to my apartment. I walked in with no expectations and left with a bag full of gems. This floral jacket was one of them. I’ve already worn it several times and got so many compliments. The striking blue flowers add a fresh and spring vibe to this jacket and one of the reasons why I grabbed it. Since my outfit was more of a casual and relaxed look, I decided to pair it with  denim and went with flat shoes. For the accessories, a pair of sunglasses even though it wasn’t sunny and a red scarf was a way to spice things up making me look like I’m the coolest kid on the block.

Thank you so much for reading!

Love always ❤️

Pictures taken by me, Michelle!

 Four Great Things

Jacket: Thrift shop

Top: Veromoda

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Zara

Bag: (old) Bianco

Four Great Things

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Good Morning Everyone! On today’s post, I’m sharing a fun mix of khaki and denim. With the ongoing fall season, you can never go wrong with a mixture of these two colors. Denim will always be a timeless piece which I personally think , it’s a must have in everyone’s closet. And while I greatly love my denim on denim outfit, I also love pairing it with different textures and styles. I wanted to soften the balance between that edgy touch from the denim jacket and these khaki pants by wearing a crispy white top. I had worn some blue flat slip-on shoes but quickly changed my mind and wore some heeled sandals, which uplifted my outfit to a more fun casual outfit.

 Wish you a great day.
As always, Thank you so much for reading..Talk soon again…xx
Pants: H&M (similar here )
Denim Jacket: On sale H&M
Sleevless top: H&M (similar from H&M )
Heeled Sandals: Bianco (similar in black here )

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Hello Everyone! These past few weeks have been intense with a lot of studying. Yup, I was studying for my finals and if you don’t know yet, I graduated a few days ago and  I’m beyond excited. I still can’t believe that after 3 years of hard work, everything has come to an end.  I’m really proud of myself because learning in danish is an uphill struggle just like any other foreign language. I didn’t give up when I wanted to. Knowing myself very well, what I wanted kept me going hard with a burning passion and desire. Every single day of my school life  has been a beautiful challenge and  I actually learned something new about myself. Keeping my mind and head clear has really helped me stay focused.

After my graduation, Axel and I traveled to Sweden later that day. I spent most of my afternoons in a nearby Botanical garden. Happy like a little kid, I enjoyed every single moment. Walking around was such a great pleasure and pure refreshment. I really loved the clean and neat gardens that are well taken care of.  If you ever travel to Gothenburg, Sweden I recommend you to visit the Botanical Garden even if it’s just for an hour, you’ll love it.

The images that you see on this post were taken a few weeks ago by me. I’m slowly learning and it’s so much fun to be out there and do something that I love so much. I might not be the best photographer, but I believe in progress and consistent  As you can see my hair looks very stretchy despite the fact it was a little dry on this day. I had just unraveled my braids and was planning on washing it, but seeing how stretched it looked also (here on Instagram), I decided to keep it for a few days. Natural hair never disappoints.

Wish you all an incredible week. Thank you so much for reading.
Talk soon..xx

 Top: SheInside
Shoes: Got them as a gift 
Bag: Bianco.dk (similar HERE)
Ruffle  Skirt: Old ( similar HERE)

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