Last Summer Moments

Looking back at summer moments, and I can’t help but feel grateful. Despite starting the season with good plans and a long to do and places to visit, the weather got unpredictable.  It forced me to cancel few things and get more creative. However, summer, this year turned out pretty fantastic than I anticipated. Going on a road trip with Axel, was one of the best experience that made me super happy. Below, I am sharing things that summer 2017 has taught me.

Learn something entirely new.

I like the idea of challenging myself to learn something that is entirely new. It is refreshing, and my mind gets exposed to new things while I also expand my knowledge.  For so long, I have been editing my pictures on my phone, but this year, I decided it was time to learn how to edit in Lightroom. This program has a different system than VSCOcam and Snapseed, which have both used for a long time. I’m getting better every day and slowly improving my workflow.

 Say nice things to other people. Often!

There is something about the words we choose to say to other people, that I find powerful. I, for instance, I’m a sensitive person that easily gets touched when people compliment me. It leaves me warm on the inside and with a super big smile. So, this summer, I chose to practice this act of saying something sweet to other people. It feels good to share kind thoughts.  I promised myself to continue doing so.

Natural products are good for the skin

I’ve always thought that the cheaper the product, the better. But boy, I wrong! I’m not an expert when it comes to skincare products, but with experience, I learned that natural products are good for the skin. For instance, I replaced face scrub from beauty shop with a mixture of sugar, lemon and olive oil. It works fine, and more importantly, I know what’s in it. I’ve also tried clay mask that left my skin feeling so good. It’s only a few months since I started using natural products and I can see a huge difference. I can now go for days with no foundation on it. My skin feels fresh, and I no longer have many breakouts as before.

Buy the shoes. Do it!

Okay, guys! I spent so much time speculating about a pair of shoe from Zara. I went back to the website only to realize that it was GONE. Completely gone! My advice, buy the shoes next time I see a pair that I like and wear it every single day.

Early mornings are the best

I recently started waking up so early at 5:30 am or even earlier.  I’ve realized that I am more productive when it is quiet and peaceful. I’m able to get around my thoughts when I am super fresh. And, I consume a lot of water when I get up so early.

What did summer teach you? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading!

Pictures by Axel

Bag: Zara

Top: Zara

Skirts: Shein

Shoes: Kenza Aalborg 



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  1. October 27, 2017 / 2:00 am

    Hey Beautiful so happy you got to learn using Photoshop. Its so amazing. I have also been reaching out for natural products for my skincare. Thought they are not homemade, I have been loving Australian brand called sukin. Their products are vegan and sulphate free. If you get a chance you should try them out.

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