Positive Things From Last Week

Last week was tough with up and downs. It consisted of sleepless nights due to long hours working on my semester project. I was also frustrated because of failed plans. Over last couple months, Axel and I adopted a habit of picking three good and positive things during such situations. For instance, it can be someone who smiles back, a friendly conversation at school or work. I love these small discussions as they have a positive impact on my well-being. They encourage us to focus more on the positive and avoid transmitting bad energy and negativity to each other that can affect our relationship.

Despite my hectic week, I took time to reflect and realized that amidst everything, I had few good moments that made me happy. I even captured some pictures from each scenario and decided to share them with you on this post. I’m looking forward to this new week and some Christmas shopping before the end of the week.


I had a warm glass of cacao last Thursday, and it was such a peaceful and quiet moment

that I badly needed after a long day.

Positive Things - Twenty7bymichellePositive Things - Twenty7bymichelle

My group and I had brunch together at my place. It was relaxing, and

I did not have to think or worry so much about the project. We spent time talking and giggling.

I went to the gym later in the evening with Axel after he encouraged me to do so. All I wanted to do

was lie on the couch and eat some chips. I’m glad I went to the gym.Positive Things - Twenty7bymichellePositive Things - Twenty7bymichellePositive Things - Twenty7bymichelle

Two of my group members and I decided to go to see Christmas magical lighting in Blokhus sculpture park.

It was cold, and I could not feel my toes, but we had so much fun. I even got some beautiful shots under the lighting.

Positive Things - Twenty7bymichellePositive Things - Twenty7bymichellePositive Things - Twenty7bymichelle

I had a short shift at work on Sunday. Later in the evening, I attended a makeup masterclass event,

where I learned how to do an eyeliner. I never do eyeliners because I lack the skills

of being precise, but now, I am ready to give it another try and implement the skills I learned from this event.

Positive Things - Twenty7bymichelle

So, these are the positive things I experienced despite a hectic week.

Now, I am ready for this week and looking forward to Christmas shopping soon.

Thank you for reading and talk to you so soon, again.



  1. December 18, 2017 / 6:58 pm

    Så dejligt et indlæg!! Så skønt, hvordan du finder det positive frem selvom det ikke altid er til, når man har travlt ❤️

  2. December 18, 2017 / 8:08 pm

    Hey boo , first of all that’s a very interesting concept you and Axel have picked up . I would definitely take that on too . Makeup class sounds like a good treat . I saw a sneaky pic on your insta story . Hope this week is better than last week .

    Steph x


  3. December 21, 2017 / 2:26 pm

    Great idea to make a conscious effort to focus on positive things! And that’s a stunning photo shoot – great shots with some glowing peoples!
    I want to share a story with you. There was a time in my life (almost foreign concept to my present self) where I was battling depression. I was surrounded by negative, thinking and breathing negative, and I remember reaching out to the ‘wisdom’ of a google search on how to save myself. I came across many things, unusual and cliche alike, but one thing in particular told me to smile at myself in the mirror because positivism is contagious, even forced happiness becomes real happiness. So I did, I went into the bathroom, smiled the most forced-but-sincere smile I could muster —– and it was terrible! I laughed out loud and realized that smiling at myself was ridiculous, but that’s okay. Being upset is okay too, but I can choose what to do about it. I said before ‘almost foreign concept’ because I have been fortunate to become this beacon of positive energy, drawing more great things and people to me, but maybe I couldn’t have become who I am today without going through everything I did? Whatever you are going through, or not going through but want to – it will all work out into something beautiful =) cheers!

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