Aahhhh!!! Another blogger event that I attended last week. I am always excited whenever I get invited to this kind of events. While it is fun to be part of, they give me the opportunity to build a relationship with brands, get to know other bloggers, and expand my network. I also find it an excellent way to create awareness for my little blog.

For this particular event, I got to discover Carre Jewellery brand which has a beautiful and amazing collection on jewellery. In my opinion, some of the jewellery has an antique touch with fine-looking coloured stone.  I’m the type of woman who likes minimal jewellery, but I must admit that I fell in love with their collection. The small details are a perfect finish to each piece, which makes them so unique and feminine. The great thing about Carré Jewellery is that they do not limit you. You can play around and create different looks. You can also mix and match for a more sophisticated look that can suit any personality.

It was a great evening and event filled with great moments. Karma Sushi delivered top quality sushi. My most favourite are the Karma Crunch and the Sizzling Tuna that tasted so amazing.

For my outfit, I opted for this flowy and asymmetrical off-shoulder dress with florals. I am obsessed with the fact that it exposes my shoulders and it comes with a belt to cinch my waist. Alternately, I can wear it without the belt and use it as a scarf or as an accessory for by handbag, which I can’t wait to try.

Thank you, Aalborg Bloggers x Carre Jewellery for a great event and evening.

And, Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Talk to you super soon

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Hello, everyone! On today’s post, I am sharing with you some things that made me proud and happy the last couple weeks. So, let’s get to it.

Copenhagen Marathon

It is a few weeks now since Axel, and I ran the Copenhagen Marathon.  We both wanted to accomplish something that was challenging. The thing is, I had not planned it to be so soon until, on my birthday 1st December, which also happens to be out anniversary date, Axel gave a ticket to the marathon. Although I did not tell him right away, I got mad because I knew that preparing myself and training at least three times a week was going to be the most difficult part.

There were moments when I could only run once a week due to the amount of work I had. It scared me, and I was afraid I would not make it to the end of the race. Throughout the last month before the marathon, I started to have an internal conversation with myself.  I focused solely on the positive things and kept on reminding myself why I should not give up, and that time did not matter. The most important thing was to get to the finish line.

Copenhagen was full of energy with big crowds that fully supported the marathon runners. It was amazing to hear someone call out “Michelle” or “Axel,” you can do this. Only a few kilometers till you home”. I’m glad we saw one of our closest friend Sara and her fiancé. It was a great feeling to see someone we know. It felt like an energy booster. Every single exchange and cheering from the crowds was encouraging and meant so much to us.

The hardest part of the race, was when I hit 34km. I was totally beat, and I felt like I was going to die. I started to focus on my inner dialogue that I had before the race, screamed out loud to my aching legs and kept on encouraging myself that I can do this. We gave it all and made it to the finish line at 4:51:00.  Thanks to everyone who supported us and a huge Thank you to Axel for being by my side.

Smelling flowers.

We are so lucky to have a small front yard garden that has the most beautiful rhododendron flowers. They have a variety of colors and only blossoms during spring or even the early summer season. I have enjoyed the view these past few weeks before the flowers withered. It’s a shame they don’t last so long considering how beautiful they are.

Capturing moments

I have been capturing more pictures lately, and I love seeing how much have grown since I started my photography journey. Photography is like therapy to me, and I enjoy it. It has introduced me to many people, and it has helped me capture some moments in my life that I like to sit and look back at them.

Biking and taking walks in town.

I have always loved the idea of biking or walking around in the city. It is refreshing and an easy way to clean out my mind. I also get to experience the city and find some hidden corners that I don’t get to see very often. Just the other day, when we were out for a walk, I noticed so many changes. New café’s that I am looking forward to trying during my summer vacations.

Thank you so much for reading..xx


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This post is in collaboration with Eatlow. The last couple months have been busy day after day. I felt like a giant mess. Days were long packed with schedules and so little time to accomplish everything. It is easy to get caught up with all the responsibilities and forget the importance of taking care of my body. I find it challenging to stay healthy. One thing that I had to prioritize was my well-being and eating healthy, though I must admit that, the stress-free availability of fast food felt like a great option and solution to my food problems. Planning helped me stay on track. But then, there were those days; I argued that I was too tired to be bothered to prepare a healthy meal for dinner.

Axel and I tried Eatlow a few days, a small café in Aalborg that offers a variety of healthy dishes. We are completely in love with the delicious and healthy takeaway food they offer. Our favorite picks for the day were the broccoli salad, Angus burger, tuna spicy and beef wraps. We plan on having more takeaway from EATLOW. This way we save time to relax after the long hours and continue to maintain our healthy eating lifestyle.

Why do I recommend Eatlow?

If you are a healthy nut living a busy lifestyle and the chances are that you too tired to prepare your dinner, Eatlow will be your best friend. Their food is mostly healthy takeaway which is based on low carb food and contains no sugar. Try the incredible selection of smoothies and juices that have a great taste from garden-fresh fruits. They are freshly prepared as you wait and varies depending on the season. Make sure you have enough space for some of their healthy desserts that are made of pure, clean products. Linda who owns and runs the business is super sweet. She is not only a hardworking woman but also has an excellent customer service, interaction, and support. If you have any questions, she will assist you as she has a high knowledge of protein, carb, fat, KCAL in every meal.

Would love to hear your thoughts, tip, and tricks on how you stay healthy during those busy long days?

Thank you so much for reading.


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Ruffles! Have you seen them? They are everywhere flooding on my Instagram feed in the form of dresses, tops, skirt, sweater, denim jackets. They are currently the hottest trend that everyone is wearing this season. Although I am not a trendy type of person, I must admit that I got tempted and jumped into the bandwagon. You can’t blame me! Ruffles are a perfect combination of playful, stylish, feminine, and polished look. Love how the puffiness adds drama to my outfits. They fit so well with almost everything in my closet, and I plan on wearing more of this hottest trend all summer. What is your favourite trend this season?

Hope you had a great and relaxing weekend. Wish you a lovely week ahead!


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Top: Shein 

Jeans: Monki

Bag: Zara

Shoes: Similar here

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