Leo,s First Vaccination and Week (end) Away From Home

When Leo got his first vaccination last week on Friday, I did not know if we would make it to Zealand. We had a planned road trip and week (end). As a new mom, I was worried that we had to cancel. Leo slept long, and we managed to take two breaks as it was a 5-hour drive before our final destination. He got a fever during the night because of the vaccination. And, I can’t even explain how terrible it was to see him in pain, but the little boy surprised us. He woke up the next day feeling better and with the biggest smile.

It is almost two week since my mom left. And, while I love being home with Leo, I can’t stop thinking about my mom. I miss her presence and the mom-daughter conversation that we frequently had. It was the first time in the last ten years that my mom and I spent so much time together. The many times I have traveled to Kenya, time felt rushed and that we did not get to be together for long, as there were so many things to do and places to go. This time though, it was different. She got to meet and spend so much time with her first grandchild. I also got to be with her every day for three months.

On a different note, Axel has a summer vacation in about two week. I am most excited to spend our first vacation together as a family. We do not have plans yet, but perhaps, we will plan a quick trip or maybe stay at his dad’s summer house. Hopefully, the weather will be sunny and not windy, as it has been for the last couple of days. We will see!

What summer plans do you have?

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