How I Spent My Holidays And Why I Chose To Cancel All My Scheduled Posts

Happy New Everyone! I hope you having a good start in 2019, and that you are suffering from post-holiday blues after the long break. If you read my previous post, you know how excited I was for Christmas, for the first time after living in DK for 10 years. Before Christmas Eve, I had plans on what to post before the new year, but guess what, I thought to myself, I can choose to be in the moment. The holidays did not feel stressed as I always felt. I had semester project writing to do while on that short break, but that did not stress me either. Instead, Axel and I spent even more time together.

I experienced snow for the first time, when I first came to DK in 2009. And ever since, I associate Christmas with snow. The combination of it and the beaming lights in the city, makes it look so magical. It snowed a few days before Christmas eve. Though, the next morning all the snow had melted in the city. But luckily, out in the countryside, at Axel’s mom, everything was covered in snow. We went for a walk deep in a nearby forest. The sun was shining on that day, and everything was beautiful. At least, we had a “short” white Christmas before the snow was away. 

There were a lot of Christmas lunches to attend. And, because of all the eating, I gained two kilos in that short period. Did I feel bad? Nope, because Christmas is all about indulging in all the food, we don’t get to eat on daily basis. After getting back to our regular eating habit, I lost those kilos in less than a week

I currently working from home most of the time since we do not have lectures until February. Though, I was super relaxed, getting started was a big deal. It feels great to back doing research and writing project.

To all you who spent the holidays with your family, I hope you had the best of your time. And, to those who spent Christmas alone, and perhaps feeling sad and down, I am sending you BIG hugs and endless happiness. Time will change! Happy New year once again.

Love Michelle ❤️

Holiday - Twenty7bymichelle
Holiday - Twenty7bymichelle
Holiday - Twenty7bymichelle
Holiday - Twenty7bymichelle
Holiday - Twenty7bymichelle
Holidays - Twenty7bymichelle



  1. January 10, 2019 / 11:32 am

    I loooove the pictures! Looks so cozy ♡

    • January 10, 2019 / 1:28 pm

      It was so cozy Benya and the best Christmas vacation I had. Thanks! 😍

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