First Dat​e after Leo was born

It’s a month since Axel and I became parents. We both agree that so far, there are so many new things every day, and the transition from being two to three can pose some challenges. I am lucky to have my mom who’s been helping us and will do so till the end of June. With my schedule at the moment, I am sure, I would not manage without her. My group and I are currently writing a semester project. Having both Axel and mom to help feels great and less stressing. However, trying to be a wife, a mom and writing project at the same time is not easy. There are things that I have to do myself. In addition, so much is happening that I barely have time to spend with Axel. Our concentration is on the baby. And, the other day, we discussed how much we miss each other.

We planned our first date after Leo was born, and asked my mom if she would take care of him. All I had to do was to make sure that I pumped enough milk for him. Our dinner date was at our favorite karma sushi in Aalborg. We were away for only two hours, and we both appreciated that it was only us.

It is easy to forget each other especially with such a baby, but I hope we will continue to have small escapes whenever possible. To nurture our marriage and work on the sparks that we have had since we first met each other.

Thank you so much for reading! Wish you a lovely week 😍

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