It Is Finally Weekend And I Am Taking It Slow

Handed in my last 24hr exam assignment this semester early this morning, and it feels incredible. I am brutally smashed for working many hours straight with no breaks. But, I feel happy even after 3 hours of sleep. I am now able to focus on my bachelor thesis which I haven’t touched for the last two. And although I do want to get started right away, I think it is essential to take a short break this weekend. To pay attention to my body that screams of exhaustion and needs some rest.

Slow weekend

With that said, my weekend schedule seems decent meaning that I don’t have many plans. Last couple months or so, I have learned self- discipline to commit myself to create time for self-love and time to spend with my fiancé. These are the two areas that I had neglected for a while until earlier this year; I realized  I had to do some changes.

I’m enjoying the slow moments during weekends, and I am frequently going to church, which I had not done in so many years. I’m also getting my long Sunday afternoon naps, which by the way if you ask me, are the best. These are my kind of slow moments, and this weekend will not be any different. I’ll take care of my hair using new products that I recently received as a gift while I listen to some jazz music in the background. What are your plans for the weekend?

I hope this week has been a great week and you accomplished your goals.

Wish you a super relaxing weekend and hope to talk to you soon again.

Thank you so much for reading!

Photos  by Benya 

Weekend - Twenty7bymichelle

Sweater: Zara

Jeans and Jacket: Ginatricot

Boots: Seen here

Weekend - Twenty7bymichelleWeekend - Twenty7bymichelleWeekend - Twenty7bymichelleWeekend - Twenty7bymichelleWeekend - Twenty7bymichelleWeekend - Twenty7bymichelle



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