We are moving out today! It’s crazy to say it, but yes, we are moving into a new house. I’m getting emotional as I type this because let me be honest, I have only good memories and experiences. I loved this place from the moment I moved in with Axel three years ago. He has been living here for ten years now. He had just renovated it, and everything felt fresh. We have the most insane, beautiful sunset views all year long. And we are five minutes away from the city and just a few steps to the harbor.

Usually, I am not the kind of person who easily lets go of things,  individuals or places that I love and have made me happy, comfortable and safe.  We are excited about this new journey.  But I can’t deny that I feel strange. Axel feels the same way too. It hasn’t sunk in yet that we will no longer call this place our home. I am going to miss it and our sweet neighbors.

We don’t have any major plans with shopping for furniture. Our plan is to take the right amount of time to figure out what we need and where exactly it should be before we make any purchases. I am aware that decorating a home can be a long process but can’t wait to turn our new house into a beautiful, cozy space.

For the outfit of this post, I am wearing two of my current obsession; velvet and faux fur. The velvet boots and this statement faux fur jacket. The boots are a recent buy from our Copenhagen trip over the holidays. I was happy to get them for a good bargain from Zara. I haven’t worn them much, but I’m looking forward to pairing the boots with ripped mom jeans, short skirts, and colorful spring outfits.

As always, Thank you so much for reading.


Photography by me, Michelle

We Are Moving Out - Twenty7bymichelle

Jacket: Monki

Striped top: SheIn

Jeans: H&M

Bag and Boots: Zara

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