The other day in the bus on my way home from the university, I was having a conversation that touched different topics with a friend. I was unprepared when she asked me “Michelle, how confident are you?” It took me a moment before I could answer her question. My cheeks felt warm because I knew I needed more time to discuss this issue.

My first thought was, how do I define confidence? When I was younger, I misunderstood the definition confidence. Nothing mattered as long as I fitted in the crowd. I had a hard time trying to find who I was. Years later, I have come to learn that being confident is accepting and embracing my flaws and who I am as a person. It is the ability to say “NO” without feeling the pressure to apologize to the world for being me. The ability to choose what makes me happy.

I have a better understanding of what confidence means to me. But, I do have moments when I feel less confident. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I find it nerve wrecking. Life feels like is totally screwed. I get filled with emotions and insecurities. To avoid banging myself against the wall, I’ve mastered a few things. They help me boost my confidence back again whenever I experience these moments.

Avoid holding myself back and keep doing it.

When I started shooting my blog pictures, I totally sucked and was scared at the same time. After practicing for over a year, I can safely say that I am more confident now than when I began my photography journey. The more I’m out there shooting the more I learn, and the more confident I am. My motto is to avoid holding myself back and keep doing it.

Not to underestimate me

I am guilty of this, but I’m learning how to be more kind to myself. Self-doubt creates room for more insecurities, and that is not my goal. I have a few reminders on my phone that remind me of how great I am. They also remind me of the amazing things that I am capable of doing.

Not to be scared of failing

I adopt so many emotions and get confused when I fail to achieve something. It’s the worst feeling, and it affects me. I am learning how to accept my mistakes and try as much to push away the thought of being scared of failing. The important thing is to get control of my emotions and try it again.

Appreciate and celebrate small wins.

I find it necessary to acknowledge the smalls steps that I have made. It makes a big difference in enjoying the process and celebrating the small wins. I always feel proud of myself which increases my confidence and makes me feel motivated.

So, there you have it. A few of the things that I do to boost my confidence whenever I feel less confident. How confident are you and how do you define confidence? Would love to know your thoughts. Share them in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading. I wish you a super lovely day.


Pictures take by Axel B.

How Confident Are You?

Sweater: H&M

Belt: H&M

Bag: Seen here

Shoes: Kenza sko Aalborg

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When I was out taking the pictures on this post, I met an old couple who seemed to be out for a walk. With a big smile on my face and direct eye contact, I politely said hello to them. They were curious and wanted to know what exactly I was doing. We spend time talking about why I love shooting my blog pictures.  The conversation got long then I expected. We conversed about many things like; fashion, photography and also, the climate difference in Kenya and Denmark. To my surprise, the lady offered to help me. Thing is, whenever I’m doing this kind of photography, I like it when I’m alone.  I tend to play music on my celly, and I’m always dancing and talking alone while snapping away. I sound crazy already, right? 😀

She warmed my heart for offering help, but I kindly said no, thank you. We said our goodbye’s and wished each other a pleasant afternoon. Her little gesture had me question myself if I am kind enough to the people I meet every day. If you asked me this in my early twenties, my answer would be, No!

Over the past years, I have learned, and I am still learning, that there is nothing more enriching than being kind and doing good to others. We are living life in a constant rush and pressure from work, studies, family and relationships. All these pressure can lead to endless worries forgetting what is happening around us. I believe in creating little time to be present. Doing small things like; being a good listener, giving hugs, throwing a genuine smile, helping other people when they need help and letting that old friend know that I think about them are some of the things I think, are an excellent way to show kindness.

Yesterday 1st December, I turned a year older. And my greatest wish and plan is to make a change.  To be kinder than I am now to other people. There are of course many different ways on how to be kind than what I mentioned, but the essential thing is to identify and put them into practice every single day. I hope this encourages you to do the same.

Thank you so much for constant love and support. I really appreciate you!

Have a nice and relaxing weekend.


Photography by me, Michelle

How To Be Kind

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Ankle Boots: Zara

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Winter days are getting shorter and darkness creeping in as early as 4 p.m. making it easy for me to gain some poor habits. Lack of enough light and exercise these last few days has started to make me feel lazy and tired most of the time. My sugar cravings have gone up too, and I have secretly been eating cookies every time I am on my way to work. I have started to recognize these habits, and I’m ready to banish them all. Here is a list of the poor habits I’m  breaking this winter.

Eat less sugar

I just mentioned above that my sugar cravings are so high these days, but I plan on limiting them. The cookies are irresistible as they taste so good I could have many of them but it’s time to stop eating more sugar. I’ll instead reach for healthier alternatives where I will use honey in smoothies, pancakes, and frozen yogurt hoping that it will stop this sugar craving.

Drink More water

I find it very challenging to drink enough amount of water during the winter season. It’s very easy to consume three liters in the summer, but I don’t get the same enjoyment of drinking water when it’s freezing outside. And cold drinks are a big NO at the moment. I’m trying to warm up with a nice cup of warm water in the evenings or tea with honey and lemon. This way, I can increase my water intake. I also have a water app that reminds me to drink water every hour.

Motivating myself to hit the gym

I’m in winter hibernation mode, and that means my trips to the gym have been less. I like keeping up with my gym routine but not the last weeks. Knowing how important it is for my body and health to be active, I have decided to do home workouts whenever I don’t get time or I’m too lazy to bike to the gym. These workouts take 30-40 mins, and they are super great.

Get outdoors

It’s very tempting to stay inside in winter and try to avoid the harsh weather. I honestly don’t mind cozying and curling up on the couch once in a while, but I prefer getting outdoors more often. During the week, I’m always looking for ideas and places to explore in the weekend. Getting outdoors helps me in not only boosting my moods but also helping in clearing my thoughts leaving room for new fresh ideas. This past weekend, Axel mom and I visited a castle where they had a big Christmas market. We got some glögg. A special Scandinavia drink that is mostly used during the cold weather and Christmas season to keep warm. It’s warm red wine, with spices that add a distinctive taste and aroma to it.  I assume you can get creative and add different types of toppings but the one we got, was topped up with dried raisins and almond. It’s super delicious!!!

So, there you have some of my poor habits I’m breaking this winter. Do you have any habits that you plan to break? I’m very curious to hear about them. Hope you will like these pictures that I shot the other day when it snowed in Denmark.

Sending you big smiles and lot’s of love from cold winter Denmark and wishing you a super lovely week.

And, Thank you so much for always taking the time to read my posts.

Love and Love ❤️

 Photography by me, Michelle

Poor Habits I'm Breaking This Winter

Jacket : Ginatricot

Scarf: Ginatricot

Camera Bag: Amazon

Shoes: Bianco

Jeans: Thrift Shop

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Beside my love for blue colour, I do have an obsession with the Pantone palette colours. I absolutely love how soft, airy and delicate they are. They bring so much brightness to my outfits hence the reason why I love incorporating them into my spring and summer looks. On this day, I kept it super cool by wearing a full blush outfit. The dreamy and charming details of this dress makes it perfect for the summer season.

If you  been following me religiously on my blog, you may know that I do shoot some of my blog pictures myself. A few months ago, I registered for an online photography course at Creative Live, and whenever I learn something new, I do like to go out and give it a try. Many professional photographers would advise you, to stay away from taking pictures on an extremely sunny day. After several attempts, I came to realize that, you may or may not have a hate/love relationship with the sun. In some cases, the pictures might turn out really dark or not so smooth from the bright light.

So on this day, I learned  how to play around with the shutter speed. It is on of the most important elements besides the Aperture and ISO when learning the camera settings. I am not an expert when it comes to photography, but I did learn a few things which I am going to share with you.

  • shutter speed is like a split of a second
  • Using a faster shutter speed freezes the movement of your object
  • You can create blur motion with a lower shutter speed and lastly,
  • You can regulate the amount of light you let in the camera by using both the fast and slow shutter speed as I did with the pictures below.

I used a very fast shutter speed 1/6000  to let in less light due to the fact that  I was shooting on a very bright sunny day. I hope you like this post and in case you have a new DSLR camera and feel stuck with the settings, I highly recommend you check the amazing tutorials at Creative Live which are worth every penny.

Thank you for reading!! Have a super lovely week ahead.


Photography by me, Michelle


Dress: SheIn

Shoes: Very Old from H&M ( similar here Zara )

Clutch: Ginatricot

Sunglasses: Similar here 

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