How To Afford Clothes As A Blogger Without Breaking Your Bank Account

One of the many questions that I get often is how to afford clothes as a blogger without breaking your bank account. I struggled when I started blogging in 2012. Back then,…

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Blogging Mistakes I Made And How To Banish Them

I have been blogging for years now and looking back; I realize that I have made many mistakes. Blogging has been a learning journey and the reason why today, I…

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Struggling With Life Balance And what I Am Doing About It

Life Balance is one of the many things that I have been struggling with the last few years since I started studying at the university. I would often complain about…

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How I Keep Myself Happy And Positive

The other day when I was busy doing my evening skin care routine, what Axel asked me came as a surprise. “Sweetie, how can you always be happy and so…

I was never a happy kind of person. It is a choice I made, and it meant letting go of my fears and concerns to stay happy and positive.

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4 Ways To Help Deal With a Stressful Day

Last week on Thursday, I had an unusual experience. I woke up early as I normally do.  I was full of positive energy, big smiles and feeling oh so good;…

We do not always have control of everything that occurs in our lives. However, we can learn ways on how to deal with a stressful day

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