This post is in collaboration with Eatlow. The last couple months have been busy day after day. I felt like a giant mess. Days were long packed with schedules and so little time to accomplish everything. It is easy to get caught up with all the responsibilities and forget the importance of taking care of my body. I find it challenging to stay healthy. One thing that I had to prioritize was my well-being and eating healthy, though I must admit that, the stress-free availability of fast food felt like a great option and solution to my food problems. Planning helped me stay on track. But then, there were those days; I argued that I was too tired to be bothered to prepare a healthy meal for dinner.

Axel and I tried Eatlow a few days, a small café in Aalborg that offers a variety of healthy dishes. We are completely in love with the delicious and healthy takeaway food they offer. Our favorite picks for the day were the broccoli salad, Angus burger, tuna spicy and beef wraps. We plan on having more takeaway from EATLOW. This way we save time to relax after the long hours and continue to maintain our healthy eating lifestyle.

Why do I recommend Eatlow?

If you are a healthy nut living a busy lifestyle and the chances are that you too tired to prepare your dinner, Eatlow will be your best friend. Their food is mostly healthy takeaway which is based on low carb food and contains no sugar. Try the incredible selection of smoothies and juices that have a great taste from garden-fresh fruits. They are freshly prepared as you wait and varies depending on the season. Make sure you have enough space for some of their healthy desserts that are made of pure, clean products. Linda who owns and runs the business is super sweet. She is not only a hardworking woman but also has an excellent customer service, interaction, and support. If you have any questions, she will assist you as she has a high knowledge of protein, carb, fat, KCAL in every meal.

Would love to hear your thoughts, tip, and tricks on how you stay healthy during those busy long days?

Thank you so much for reading.


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I first learned about Restaurant Fusion a while back on Facebook. One of my friends liked a picture from the page, and it suddenly appeared on my feed. Do you know how food photos can trigger you and all you want to do is, have the food in your belly? That’s exactly how I felt when I saw the pictures on their page.  So, when our close and sweet friend, Jan invited us for a dinner night out, I quickly suggested that we should try this restaurant. You guys, we had a pleasant experience, and this place is simply fantastic.

Restaurant Fusion is in the heart of Aalborg City. The view from the harbor is magnificent. Axel and I came eight mins late. Sorry, Jan! Promise to be on time next time. The lovely waiters welcomed and showed us where to hang our jackets. The first thing I noticed when I entered the restaurant was the wonderful setting. The interior is completely gorgeous, elegant and comfortable.

When I go out to dine, I try to involve all my senses because that is what going to a restaurant is all about. Experiencing everything and not just the food itself, but the atmosphere and how the waiters treat not only me but all their customers in general. I was satisfied with the ambiance at Restaurant Fusion.  The color theme which I think is perfect and the music that was playing in the background made me feel cozy and relaxed while we dined.

We had a mouth-watering appetizer which I can’t remember the name served with bread on the side and butter. For the main course, we all decided to try their sushi menus.  Jan and I chose the Fusion Special. Axel decided to have Fusion Style sushi menu. White wine was the best choice since we all decided to have fish. I believe you can have red wine, but I prefer white wine especially when having fish.  We tried different desserts from their Desserts Menu of the month.

The waiter’s delivered an excellent service. They were smiley all the time, took good care of their customers, and I was impressed! The owner and the boss of the restaurant Fusion, Vinh, was very charming. He walked around trying to ensure that everything is ok while exchanging words with the clients. I got the chance to say hello to him. I also snapped a picture of both him and Jan.  We didn’t get an opportunity to pour wine into our glasses as the girl who served us was always there and made sure we did not run dry on wine. Usually, when I go out dining, the waiters never come back to pour wine into my glass after the first attempt when wine tasting. So, this experience was pure luxury!

To sum it up, I had a pleasant experience. From the moment, I entered Restaurant Fusion to the moment we left. I highly recommend you to try this restaurant. You can also check their website here.  I’m just curious, what are some of your favorite places and spots to dine?


PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own based on our dinner date experience.

Thank you for reading!

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