Bachelor Degree And My Two Year Plan

It is only a  few days since I did my bachelor presentation during my final exam at the university. I am still pinching myself because it feels so surreal that I am now a graduate with a bachelor degree. Looking back now, I can say that it feels like it was just the other day I wrote a post about my first-year experience at the university.  I am grateful for these last three years. The knowledge that I gained, the people that I met, and most importantly, the person I have become through each experience and what I learned throughout this journey.

I passed my bachelor thesis project with a “10” which is equivalent to “B” in the Kenyan system. And although, I am super happy for such excellent results, what makes me even joyous, is the process. My group member and I had a great supervisor who pushed us to write an in-depth and lengthy methodology. I have always hated philosophy of science.  This time though, it was different, and I liked writing this part of our project. Overall, it was an intense four months of project writing that went well and as planned.

Now, that I am done with BSC degree in Economics and Business Administration; I am planning to study for an MSC degree in International Marketing at the Aalborg University for the next two years. Aside from the fact that the next two years will be challenging, I feel more ready than I did when I was a freshman at the university.

Hope you like these pictures that Axel and I shot. The beautiful flowers delivered at our door all the way from Vejle.

Thank you so much for reading and talk to you soon.

Sending you lots of positives vibes from cloudy Nairobi.

Pictures both  Axel and I, Michelle

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