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A Day in Aalborg

Just the other day, my friend and I went to Aalborg, a city not far from where I live. I go to school and work in Aalborg, and one thing…

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Current Obsession

Lately, have been spending more and more time on my physical appearance. I never was so keen with accessories before, because I always thought it’s all about looking simple without…

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A Lovely Sunday Afternoon

LAST SUNDAY was a very nice day with lovely sunny weather.  Since I had no plans on what to do or where to go, I chose not to be at…

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Lazy Day

When I went for a walk in the park (two days ago ), all ineeded was to dress very casual. I love my sky heels but not when am going…

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Closing day at school

My look for last friday was nothing but simple and perfect for an event like closing day at school. I wore this neon basic top + royal blue jeans and…

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