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I Love Beaches

A while ago when the weather was nice and  the sun was shining, i went to Blokhus. A city that’s about 20 kilometers from where i live Brønderslev. One thing…

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The Sneakers

I’m not really a fan of sneakers, but when I saw these yellow ones in Deichmann on sale, I couldn’t resist! And now, I don’t regret it one bit! These…

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A Day Well Spent

One thing i like about my outfit on this post is the sweater which has some shiny details on it. I got it on sale and i must admit that…

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Skirt Worn As A Dress

Some of you might think what am wearing is a dress, but no, it’s not. It’s actually a skirt i bought during last year summer sales. I woke up this…

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Current Obession: Part 2

I love sales….Why? Because you get shopping bags filled with half-priced goodies. With the SUMMER-SALE season going on, it’s difficult to resist myself.I have a very happy closet from the…

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