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My Plans 2018

I woke up this morning and realized that I haven’t written down my 2018 plans. Making plans has become a part of me, and I can’t do great without them. This year, though, I intend…

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Blogger Event: Makeup Masterclass

A while back, I attended a makeup masterclass event that was hosted by a friend Noomi x Aalborg bloggers.  I first met Noomi in 2014 in school, when she started to experiment and show her interest…

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Highlights From 2017

Happy New Year! Taking time to reflect today and looking back at my photos, 2017 was a year with many experiences, and in some way, it feels like it was just the other day when…

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Holiday Statement Magenta Dress

With holiday parties still going on, I thought It would be the perfect time to share this insanely gorgeous holiday statement magenta dress. It is the prettiest dress I have in my closet and has…

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Positive Things From Last Week

Last week was tough with up and downs. It consisted of sleepless nights due to long hours working on my semester project. I was also frustrated because of failed plans. Over last couple months, Axel…

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