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Baby Blue Shirt

Nothing can beat this cool and casual chic outfit that I wore to spend an evening with my friend Mariah. As I mentioned on my previous post, I’m liking the weather and not only because…

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A few weeks ago when I was unwell, I woke up on a Saturday morning and there I was…feeling so excited, I dressed to particularly go take blog pictures. Yes, blog pictures!! Little did I…

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Embellished Coat

I am so obsessed with this embellished coat from Sheinside.  I’m yet to make up my mind between the white and the yellow/neon colour. What do you think? I really need your help. Love  Michelle 🙂…

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I thank Haphied of Dressdecent.com for these beautiful pictures that we shot a while back. DressDecent  is a styleblog that consists of Haphied and Jean. They document their own personal, and friends’ style, and also have…

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Electric Blue

I almost never take pictures on Sundays as I’m always in bed after a long night shift from work. Did you know that I work in Mc Donalds? Luckly, I only worked Friday night and…

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