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Me Time Using Botica Bliss Pure Pink Clay Mask

Earlier this year, I realized I was neglecting my face and needed some changes in my skincare routine. As I was making my plans for 2018,  I decided to face mask once every week. Right…

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Asking For Help Is Not A weakness

Ever since I created this space and started interacting with you guys, I was not independent. The journey was exciting, but there was so much that I needed to learn. Being a blogger has its…

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Photo Diary From Our Trip To Kenya

It is a week since we travel back from our trip to Kenya. Although we were away for ten days, I personally feel it was brutal to get myself to a normal schedule. I had…

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Visiting Family In Kenya

It feels like Christmas, at least to me right now. I sound ridiculous, but I’m just over the moon with excitement. I’m on a short trip to visit my family in Kenya. Initially, I was…

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Via Design Fashion Show.

Yesterday evening, I had that pinch-me kind of moments when I attended the Via design fashion show. It was such a great experience for me to see all the work the upcoming designers have put…

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