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It Is Finally Weekend And I Am Taking It Slow

Handed in my last 24hr exam assignment this semester early this morning, and it feels incredible. I am brutally smashed for working many hours straight with no breaks. But, I feel happy even after 3…

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Easter Weekend in Copenhagen

We just came home from a short weekend trip to Copenhagen where we attended my friend’s wedding. When I posted a picture on my Instagram story, a lot of you send me congratulatory messages thinking that, Axel…

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Influencer Meet Up In Aalborg

Influencer Meet Up In Aalborg! Ever since I started blogging in 2012, the blogging community was not that big or perhaps, I did not know any other blogger(s) in the city. Although I do love…

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Birthday Suprise And Spring Colours

Axel just turned a year older last week. I wanted to surprise him with an experience and it took me time to figure it out. After days of scratching my head, mostly because it’s difficult…

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Me Time Using Botica Bliss Pure Pink Clay Mask

Earlier this year, I realized I was neglecting my face and needed some changes in my skincare routine. As I was making my plans for 2018,  I decided to face mask once every week. Right…

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