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Most Gorgeous Cherry Blossom Spot In Aalborg

Hello lovely people! These last few days have been super long, mostly because I am spending lots of hours on the project. And, once in a while, I hit a writer’s block. During moments like…

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Neu Art And Design Market

Hello Everyone! I spent my entire morning this past Saturday with Sofie at the Neu art and design market. I’ve attended this market several years now and every time, I look forward to it. The…

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Impromptu Picnic In The Woods

Packed a picnic basket the other day when the weather was lovely in Aalborg and no wind at all. We drove to a forest a few kilometers from the city, and the first thing we…

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Struggling With Life Balance And what I Am Doing About It

Life Balance is one of the many things that I have been struggling with the last few years since I started studying at the university. I would often complain about how busy my school schedule…

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Maui Moisture Products For Hair Care

One topic that  I have neglected to talk about on this channel is my hair care routine. For so many years, I have tried different products that did not work for my afro kinky hair,…

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