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Giraffe Kisses And Traditonal Wedding Ceremony Preparations in Kenya

As some of you may know from my Instagram, I traveled to Kenya after my bachelor exam. I knew I would not be able to attend my graduation day, which…

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Bachelor Degree And My Two Year Plan

It is only a  few days since I did my bachelor presentation during my final exam at the university. I am still pinching myself because it feels so surreal that…

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Palm Beach and Ginatricot Chiffon Dress

Can you believe that I shot these pictures two years ago? It was on a sunny afternoon at my favorite palm beach which I like to visit mostly during the…

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Hjallerup Market Music and Festival Weekend

I attended Hjallerup market this past weekend. It is a market that takes place only once a year. It is either in the last weekend of May or early June.…

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Blogging Mistakes I Made And How To Banish Them

I have been blogging for years now and looking back; I realize that I have made many mistakes. Blogging has been a learning journey and the reason why today, I…

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